Friday, November 9, 2012

Haier Washing Machine and Technician damages my brand new hardwood floor

All of the damage here has been caused by a malfunctioning Haier washing machine and subsequent warranty repair. The technician did not drain the washing machine before tilting it to work underneath it while replacing parts and he essentially flooded my laundry room.
You can see here where water has come from underneath the wall and damaged the tack strips, soaked the carpet, and warped the hardwood flooring.
Take a look at how bad this plank is warped.
You can see how the planks are now buckling from the water damage.
Here is a closeup of how the planks are buckling. Look at the angle of this penny.
This is water damage on the wall adjacent to the washing machine.
Here the hardwood is stained from the water. This is the plank directly in front of the washer.
I found more water damage once I took the rest of the floor up. Going to have to replace the whole thing.
On the way to the dump!!

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